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You can study and work at the same time with F1 visa


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Wanting to make some extra money when you’re an international student studying in U.S is very normal. Fees and other living costs make many students to see working on a part-time job as a necessity in order to provide enough income to finance the education and living costs. The most common visa non-citizen students hold is the F1. This visa does allow you to work but you should keep some guidelines in mind before you start searching.

The types of employments an international student can find while studying are:

The on-campus employment category. This is the most commonly type of job international students do and it includes all kind of part-time jobs that take place inside campus and are affiliated with the school. It doesn’t really require any approval from the U.S Immigration Services but it is a very limited type of job. They also cannot provide you much income like the Off-campus type of work does. There exist several rules that must be followed. Despite having a valid F1 status, you cannot work a full-time job except holidays and off school months.

Off-campus work is the type of work which for F1 visa holders can be a little too complicated. This possibility is offered only on students which has at least completed one full year of their academic studies.  To take permission to work off-campus, a F1 visa holder should also be in difficult economic circumstances. For this purpose, there are some training programs available from which students can take permission to work under. One of them is the Optional Practical Training (OPT) and also, Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Both of these trainings are created to offer the F1 students a job possibility in their study field. Before applying for any of these trainings offered, you need to discuss this issue with your DSO.

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