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Which city is more expensive: NY or LA?

If you are planning to move to the US and want to settle in New York or Los Angeles, you need to ask yourself which of these cities is more expensive. While both NY and LA have a high cost of living, there are certain things you should take into account to do a cost/value analysis for both cities. The findings will help you make the right decision.


In terms of housing, LA is far cheaper than NY, as you can easily find a good house at a reasonable price. In NY, you would have to go deeper in the city, somewhere near Brooklyn, to find an apartment for rent that matches an excellent, spacious house in LA.


As for the transportation, Manhattan is the winner. The price of gas in LA is unusually high. In NY, you have quite different options. Most New Yorkers love to walk to work, and you can be one of them. Or, even if you plan to commute, you can easily take the subway, and the cost for one month won’t exceed $105.


There’s has to be a draw here. If we talk about groceries, LA is quite cheap, but when it comes to fast food, NY is the winner. The food is healthy, tasty and affordable in both cities. You can find a variety of foods in NY and LA.


Finally, how can we forget about clothing? One of the necessities of life! This one depends on what type of clothing you wear. Since NY is known for fashion and latest trends, it gets a little expensive for people who follow the fashion trends.

To sum it up, although both cities are expensive, the winner here is LA as most of the necessities here are cheaper than in NY.

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