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Where do the happiest people live in America

There is no secret way to be happy, according to studies, but there are certain factors that can affect your overall state of being happy. If these factors are in your favor, you may spend a happy life and if they are against you, you may experience sad times.

There are many factors that affect your level of happiness. These include your job, the place where you live, the people you live with, your relationships, and your physical and mental health. There are many cities in the US where the happiest people live. Here are some of those cities:

  1. Boulder, Colorado: Boulder is home to America’s happiest people. This city has about 310 miles of dedicated bikeways. Most people in this city travel on two wheels. This is said to be one of the key factors why the people here are the happiest. The climate here is also pleasant, besides the landscapes and mountains.
  2. Santa Cruz, California: Santa Cruz comes at the second place in America where the happiest people live. It features picturesque beaches, family-oriented walkways, leisure facilities, and amusements parks and playgrounds.
  3. Charlottesville, Virginia: The cost of living is relatively lower in Charlottesville and there are many outdoor experiences you can engage in. It also ranks higher in terms of income and employment opportunities. Most people here have relaxing jobs, which contributes to their happiness level.
  4. San Luis Obispo, California: San Luis Obispo is popular for being home to many of the happiest people in America. Most people believe that the reason why this is the happiest place in the US include its wineries with a relaxing atmosphere, the sand dunes, and the beautiful coastal walks. San Luis Obispo is also popular for its biking trails and trekking facilities, which are also two important factors why the people here are ranked among the happiest in America.

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