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What to Do on Arrival in a New country

Why move to America

There are several things to do when you arrive in a new country. Some of them are mandatory, while others are simply meant to help you ease the transition.

Find an immigrant-serving organization near your home. They can assist you with obtaining your documents, they can provide useful tips about finding a job and other relevant information that you might need.

Register with the local authorities and apply for documents such as a health card, a social security number/social insurance number, which you will need in order to work. Also, find out how to convert your driving license or any other document.

In case you don’t have a job already, start looking for one as soon as you arrive. Your budget is probably limited, so the sooner you find work, the better.

Search for a place to rent or to buy. Look for a place near your work or school, so that you can save some time and money on transportation. You can also check out the immigrant communities, so you won’t be alone, at least until you settle down.

Improve your language skills. This will surely make day-to-day life much easier.

Open a bank account. Some employers prefer not to work with cash, so your salary will probably go straight to your bank account. Having a foreign account (from your home country) could be disadvantageous, especially in terms of banking fees.

Learn about the local laws, about your rights and responsibilities. Being a newcomer won’t save you from trouble in case you break the law. Once you set foot on their land, you are obliged to follow their laws. You will also have several rights, and it’s best to know them if you don’t want people to take advantage of the fact that you are a foreigner.

Memorize the national emergency telephone number, find the closest hospital and a doctor, in case you will need medical assistance.

Explore the city and simply enjoy your new life.

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