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What is the Exchange Visitor Visa?

The US has an open door policy for citizens of foreign countries who desire to enter the US to take part in exchange programs. The Exchange Visitor Visa or the J-1 visa makes this possible. Prior to filing your application, you must be accepted and sponsored by an authorized program or educational institution in the US. The sponsor organization or educational institute will send you the required documents to be submitted along with your visa application.

The Exchange Visitor Visa is devised to enhance the exchange of people, knowledge, ideas, and skills pertaining to arts, science, culture, and education. This visa program covers students from all educational stages, including trainees desiring to pursue on-job training with organizations in the US, teachers teaching at any school level, professors desiring to teach in the US or carry out research work at US universities, researchers, trainees in the medicine or associated fields, consultants, and individuals who want to participate in people-to-people contact.

If you want your spouse and/or unmarried children aged below 21 years to stay with you in the US during your stay in the country on a J-1 visa, they would be required to get the J-2 visa. On the other hand, if your spouse and/or children aged below 21 years want to visit you on vacations only instead of living with you in the US, they would be required to get the visitor B-2 visa.

If your spouse and/or child accompany you to the US on a J-2 visa, they cannot work unless they get authorization for employment in the US by submitting the form I-765. The USCIS will review and process the application and may provide the applicant the authorization to work in the US.

In order to apply for the J-1 visa, you must fill and submit the form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form. Be sure to submit all other required documents with your applications.

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