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What is immigration amnesty and how the process works

There are only particular groups of individuals who may get amnesty, given they have not remained engaged in wrongdoings in the US except for residing in the country unlawfully. In order to get immigration amnesty, you should first check whether you are eligible for it. Keep in mind that the laws governing immigration amnesty continuously change.

Typically, if you have stayed in the US after the expiry of your visa and authorized period of stay, or you have entered the US without a visa, you may qualify for the immigration amnesty. There are specific requirements you must meet. If you meet those criteria, you may be granted immigration amnesty. Your spouse and children can then also be eligible for getting an immigrant status in the United States.

Filing for immigration amnesty is a lengthy and complex process. While you can fill the application form yourself, only a highly experienced immigration attorney can help you secure an immigration amnesty. You can apply for the immigration amnesty by filling and submitting the Form I-485 to the USCIS. Instruction to fill the form comes with the application package. Be sure to attach all the supporting papers required to process your application.

The good news is that after applying for the immigration amnesty, you can enjoy having legal status in the US and get a work permit until a decision has been announced on your case. Be sure to apply for a work permit after submitting your application.

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