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What is advance parole and how to apply for it

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Advance parole is a travel document that is given to people who are not US citizens but have their applications for immigration benefits in progress. It is also given to people who have filed applications for change of their US immigration status and want to go outside the US and then return to the country.

You would need advance parole if you want to go outside the United States and come back to the country in the following situations:

  • You have applied to adjust your status in the US and want to travel overseas before a decision is made on your application
  • You have benefited from the Temporary Protected Status
  • You have applied for asylum or refugee status in the US

Keep in mind that in case you travel abroad without advance parole when your AOS application is in pending, it would be thought that you have abandoned your application.

Also, you may not be able to enter the US again without advance parole or change your status in the US. In such a case, you would be required to go to the US consular office or embassy in your country to get permanent residency. The advance parole will help you reenter the US without any problem at a time when your application for status adjustment is in progress.

To apply for advance parole, you should fill the Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, and submit it to the USCIS. Do not forget to pay the required fee and provide the required documents along with your application.

Some applicants mistakenly submit an older version of the form. Make sure the form is the most recent version, as available on the USCIS website. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for advance parole after going outside the US. You need first to get the advance parole and then exit the US.

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