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What happens after filing the form I-821?

The form I-821 is basically an application to get Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States. To get TPS, you must be the citizen of a designated country. The form I-821 has to be filed with the USCIS.

The Secretary of Homeland Security has the authority to give TPS to citizens of specific countries that the US government has already chosen on the basis of internal disorders resulting from disasters and civil wars in those countries.

After carefully filling the application and fulfilling the requirements of the petition, the forms and other necessary papers and application fee have to be sent on the address mention in your country page. Make sure to put your signature on the petition before submitting it.

After receiving your petition, the USCIS will review it. If it fulfills all the requirements and eligibility criteria, your application may be accepted. You will get a receipt notice if your application is complete in all respects and if you have submitted the application fees. In order to track the progress of your application, you can use the receipt number mentioned on the notice.

The USCIS will then ask you to visit an Application Support Center for biometric information submission if you are aged above 14 years. Be sure to take along your ASC, the receipt notice, identity documents, and other documents that may be required during your visit to the ASC. You would also be required to file Form I-765 no matter what your age. It will be used to assess whether you are eligible to work in the US.

If more information is needed, the USCIS will contact you or send you a request for evidence. Be sure to respond to it quickly. After scrutinizing your petition, the USCIS will contact you to let you know its decision. If your application is approved, an approval notice will be sent to you with further instructions.

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