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What are the general entry requirements for MBA in the US

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular programs among students across the world. And the United States is the leading country for having universities and business schools that offer world-class MBA programs. During the MBA course, you will be taught about financial management, marketing, economics, and a range of other associated subjects.

MBA is an all-around program and students who get an MBA from the prestigious institutions in the US are almost guaranteed to be successful in their careers and poised to obtain leadership roles in MNCs. While MBA is a versatile subject, the requirements to get admission for MBA in a US university or business school can be tough for foreign nationals. The admission requirements differ from one school to another, but the general entry requirements are almost identical for all business schools and universities.

The general entry requirements for MBA in the US include the following:

  • A four-year Bachelor’s degree in an associated subject from a US educational institute or a foreign equivalent
  • At least 2-3 years of work experience
  • A resume that can show your work experience and education, especially the responsibilities and challenging tasks you performed
  • GMAT score (above 600 points in most cases)
  • A personal statement or statement of purpose that should explain why you want to undertake the MBA course
  • At least two letters of professional recommendation
  • At least one letter of recommendation (non-professional)
  • Evidence of your English proficiency (In most cases, TOEFL score is required, depending on the school)

The GMAT score is the most crucial factor in getting admission for MBA in the top US business schools. Work experience many not be mandatory for entry into MBA in some schools; however, it has been found that students with work experience are given priority for MBA admission over applicants without work experience.

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