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Vermont Group to Promote Outdoor Business Opportunities


June 15: WATERBURY, Vt. (AP) — It has been reported that the state of Vermont and notable members of the business community are joining together in order to promote the outdoor recreation economy.

The Republican Gov. Phil Scott has signed an executive order after which the Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative has been created. This event took place on Thursday in presence of the members of business community.

While delivering a speech at the Waterbury Center State Park along with representatives of the outdoor industry in the state, Scott stated that the state’s landscape of forests, farms and communities are a big reason people visit Vermont. These are the outdoor recreational areas which boost economy and can attract tourists from all over the world. The Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative should take measures to improve these areas and take initiatives to attract more tourists than before.

The governor’s office says outdoor recreation accounts for 34,000 direct jobs in the state. It significantly reduces the unemployment and makes positive use of human labor, talent, skill and education. It also contributes $2.5 billion in consumer spending.

The collaborative is intended to look for ways to encourage outdoor recreation. Among the ideas that will be looked at are ways to promote outdoor businesses and protect outdoor recreation resources. This will raise the funds for the betterment of recreational places as well as contribute to the pool of economic development. The amount of budget to be granted in initial phase is yet to be decided.

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