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USCIS finally publishes new regulations for T nonimmigrant status

US Homeland Security

For all the victims of human trafficking who are seeking for a T nonimmigrant status, the department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently amending its regulations regarding procedures and other requirements in order to provide guidance and secure the T nonimmigrant status regulations are best reflected and up to date.

Since 2002 when Department of Homeland Security published the T nonimmigrant regulations, the Congress and public have submitted comments regarding them and enacted numerous pieces of legislation. The regulation published 14 years ago, included the detailed application process, eligibility criteria, the benefits associated along T visa and also, evidentiary standards.

Since December 19, 2016, DHS is responding and clarifying all questions and comments using all the gained insight from all these years of experience. Also, it is amending provisions according to the required legislation. This interim rule will become effective only after January 18, 2017 and also, the public’s deadline to submit comments is until February 17, 2017.

The purpose of T visa

The T visa is created to provide the necessary protection for all the victims of human trafficking. This visa allows these eligible victims to stay in the United States and assist during the investigation made for his/her case. Everyone in conditions to apply for the T visa of nonimmigrants human traffic victims, by visiting USCIS’s online site and social pages you can get all the information needed for it programs and procedures.

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