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USA visa rules change for all Chinese visitors


The United States government has decided to begin a reciprocally expansion of the validity of tourists. Also, most importantly, it will exchange student visas with China, as well as short-term business visas.

These changes are made after the major ones on immigration rules which are redesigned to boost the education and tourisms industries in the United States.

Exchange visitors, qualified students and also their dependents from China who are eligible for the J, F, or M US visas will now be able to qualify for multiple-entry US visas lasting for the length of their program or up to five years.

On the other hand, all Chinese applicants that are eligible for the B category, non-immigrant visa, can now be granted multiple-entry visas. According to the State Department, they can last for up to ten years for tourist and business travel.

Did you know that Chinese nationals are the biggest foreign student demographic in the United States today? The US citizens who qualify for short-term business and tourist visas to China will now also be able to obtain multiple-entry visas lasting for up to a decade. On the other hand, eligible students from the States can be granted student residency permits lasting for up to five years.

These changes and arrangements intend to be less expensive and considerably more convenient for travelers,  American and Chinese tourists and business travelers. Previously, they all needed to make annual applications if they visited China or the United States every year.

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