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USA High school graduation Rate reaches a new Record High

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Some great news about American education system! The White House announced that the U.S reached a milestone high school graduation rate. During the last school year, 2014-2015, more than 83.2 % of all students were able to graduate in four years, more than the previous school season year where only 82.3 percent of them were able to get a high school diploma.

Since 2010, when all U.S states stared using a consistent way of four-year adjusted standards to measure high school completion, the national graduation rate has steadily risen. During the past schools season, the graduation rate grew for almost every student subcategory including American Alaskan/Indian natives, Hispanics, Asian/Pacific, and low-income students, students with physical or mental disabilities and English language learners.  All these reports were made public by the White House, indicating some great news regarding American Education System.

The highest graduation rates were among Asian/Pacific Islander students with a graduation rate at 90.2 percent. They were followed by Caucasian/white students with a graduation rate of 87.6 percent. Followed by Indian/Alaska Native Students with a graduation rate of 71.6 percent, then, students with disabilities and English learners with 64.5 and 65.1 percent.

The biggest progress regarding graduation rates, were made by English language learners. They have been improving their graduation rates by over 8 percent! African students have the second biggest progress with graduation rates of 7.6 points.

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