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US Community colleges offer support to international students

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Data from the Institute of International Education shows that in the school year 2014-2015, there were 91,648 international students enrolled in community colleges, accounting for 9.4 percent of the entire international student body in the United States. Many community colleges have developed specific programs and services in order to meet the needs of their foreign-born students. Some offer on-campus housing, others provide orientation and mentoring programs.

According to specialists, one of the first challenges that international students face in the U.S. is in adjusting to the different education system. At Houston Community College, for instance, students are given several orientation tours in order to get familiarized with the new environment. In 2014, Houston Community College had the largest international student population among the U.S. community colleges, with 5,441 foreign-students.

Another example is Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington, where the international students participate in a program called Foundation for success. They team up with peer mentors, attend weekly meetings and fun activities such as cooking classes. At Montgomery College, international students are thought about American conventions and their school in a fun way.

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