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US cities famous for their cultural landmarks

10 Must See Places In The U.S. For 2015
#1. Queens, New York.
What do the experts say? “With microbreweries springing up, new boutique hotels, a reinvented seaside at Rockaway, a world-class art scene, and a truly global food culture, 2015 is the year to try Queens”.

The United States values its cultural and has excellently preserved its cultural landmarks. If you have a passion for arts, culture, and recreation, here are the US cities that offer you magnificent experiences:

Seattle, WA

Seattle is a household name when it comes to cultural landmarks. This city has, on average, one cultural attraction for every 354 people. It comes at the top of the culturally more aware and active cities in the US. There are a total of 1,890 cultural and recreational landmarks in Seattle. Its cultural attractions range from the Chihuly Garden and Glass to the Museum of Flight.

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis offers one cultural landmark for every 705 people. While this city does not look like the cultural capital of the US, it has a rich heritage and unique culture. There are a total of 1,184 cultural landmarks in Indianapolis, including the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Hall of Fame Museum.

Miami Area, FL

Miami has, on average, one cultural landmark for every 958 people. It is famous for its culture, art, and recreation facilities. There are 629 landmarks in Miami. The popular attractions include Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Zoo Miami, and Perez Art Museum.

Houston, TX

Located in Texas, Houston is the fourth largest city of USA. It is also famous for its rich culture. There is one cultural landmark for every 1,144 people in Houston. Having a population of more than 2.1 million, this city has 1,890 cultural and recreational attractions. The famous attractions include the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Boston, MA

In Boston, there is one cultural landmark for every 1,188 people. And this city has a total of 536 cultural attractions. Boston is known for its Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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