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Types of US visa for international students

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International students have three options when it comes to the types of visas to study in the US: F1, J1, and M1 visa. With the F1 and J1 visas, you also get the permission to work during your stay in the US. However, the M1 visa does not permit work.

If you are considering studying in the US, you should do your research and be familiar with the types of student visas. You should also be aware of how the type of visa will affect your financing during your time in the US and what the application process may involve.

F1 Visa

The F1 visa is for those students who want to undertake academic programs or English language courses in the US. It is the most common type of visa for international students. When you get an F1 visa, you must complete the minimum courses as a full-time student. You can work part-time on the campus of the university or college where you are studying on the F1 visa.

J1 Visa

The J1 visa is for practical training of international students in the US. If the type of training required for the completion of your academic program is not available in your home country, you may consider getting the training in the US on the J1 visa. Like the F1 visa, you can work part-time, on-campus on a J1 visa. The restrictions placed on this visa are the same as those put on the F1 visa.

M1 Visa

The M1 visa is given to students who want to undertake non-academic or technical or vocational courses or training in the US. You cannot work during the time of your study on an M1 visa. To get this visa, you must have substantial proof that you have enough funds available to cover your tuition fees and living expenses during your full duration of stay in the US.

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