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Types of educational institutions in the US

What people from around the world like about the US education system is the different options students have when it comes to the types of educational institutions. While the options are amazing, international students often find it confusing to choose an institution. Here is some information for international students about the types of educational institutions in the US:

College vs. university

You have the option to go to a college or a university in the US. However, there is a difference between a college and university. The difference pertains to the size of the institution and the programs they offer. Universities in the US mostly provide both graduate and undergraduate programs, whereas colleges offer undergraduate programs. Universities are large and often comprise of many schools or colleges. On the other hand, a college is smaller with smaller classes.

Private vs. public

There are both private and public educational institutions in the US. Private individuals often own and run private educational institutions. These institutions are funded privately, whereas public institutions are funded and managed by the government.

Education in public institutions is affordable, whereas that is private settings is expensive. Furthermore, private institutions are smaller in size as compared to public institutions. And student bodies in public institutions are larger than that in private educational institutions.

Liberal art colleges

There is a third type of educational institution in the US called the liberal art colleges. These colleges are the least known institutions. This type of institution is rarely found outside the US. The goal of the liberal art colleges is to improve the overall intellectual capabilities of the students. They offer broad study programs.

Keep in mind that selecting an educational institution is an essential decision in your life. You must do your research and choose an institution that can help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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