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Travel tips for international students in the US

Unlike most American students, many international students in the US have seen many parts of the world. It has been found that most international students are curious about US culture, landmarks, and people. As such, they use the semester breast to go around and explore places and meet with new people. Unfortunately, international students experience some problems while traveling in the US. Here are some essential tips for international students to travel in the US and escape the possible issues.

Travel on least crowded days: Every individual in the US usually gets holidays at the same time; however, if you can put your plan on a break until after a specific event like Christmas or the following weekday, it can reduce your travel expenses. The price of tickets is higher on crowded days.

Book your ticket online: Do not go and buy your tickets right away. Instead, do your research online and buy the least expensive ticket online. Keep in mind that sometimes the cost of travel and boarding is higher for the same destination on different websites.

Travel to see local events: You can have a great experience if you can plan your travel with the goal to attend a local event. And if you can stay within the state lines, it can give you the opportunity to see and experience the local culture firsthand and meet with the local people.

Have your Form I-20 signed: You must be sure to get your Form I-20 signed before traveling. The signature on the Form I-20 is a proof you are actively studying at a US institute.

Carry your documents when traveling: You may need your documents to prove your identity or get access to certain events and places while traveling in the US. Be sure to carry all of your necessary documents at all times.

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