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Toyota to invest over $10 billion in U.S in the next 5 years


North America executive chief Jim Lentz just admitted that Toyota plans to spent nearly $10 billion dollars in U.S capital investments in the next 5 years. Lentz also said that this decision is part of automaker’s business strategy due to the fact it has 10 plants in eight U.S states.

He also admitted that this is a long-term plan and that the $10 billion investment includes the Toyota’s new North America headquarters located in Texas, currently under construction, and also, they plan to cover some big improvements on its plants.

This is considered to be truly great news especially for U.S citizens and not only regarding new job opportunities. Toyota, which currently counts more than 40,000 employs all over the United States, opened almost 5,000 new U.S job positions only during these last 5 years.  Jobs mostly cover engineering positions. Especially automotive, mechanical and software ones.

The executive chief also added that he, and everyone else totally agrees with Trump’s expressed goals to boost U.S manufacturing development by increasing the investments and the employees number. He also added that they are all in favor of what is Trump attending to do. Their main intention is to run their business as a global one by being competitive enough.

Well, let’s hope for the best and for all of you who are still panning your studies and trainings, take this latest news as a boost to help you better decide what to do.

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