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Top three cities for young professionals


Job prospects have greatly increased since 2009 for recent college graduates, with some cities faring better than others for young professionals.

Two factors were considered while formulating this list, and they are, availability of jobs and the average cost of living. In general, cities with the best job opportunities as well as mid-tier cities with low cost of living are considered to be ideal for these professionals as they embark on their career journey.

Here are the top three cities for young professionals.

#1: San Francisco

This city is the best place for young professionals, thanks to its booming tech sector and the abundance of jobs provided by companies like Salesforce, Uber, Zenefits and more. Yet, the cost of living is way too high, thereby making it difficult for these professionals to save much.

#2:  Silicon Valley

This metropolitan area of San Diego, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale is home to some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google, Facebook and Apple. It’s median pay is the highest in the country for professionals at all levels.

#3: Raleigh, NC

Surrounded by abundant universities, this area has one of the highest concentration of graduates in the country. No wonder, it is home to more than 170 companies across different sectors.

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