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Top in demand jobs in U.S


When someone makes a life-time decision to move in U.S, the first thing he needs to know is to learn something more about the job market needs and conditions. Or better said, which are the fastest growing jobs at the moment? What needs to be marked is that despite the fact most of the opening jobs belong to health and technology sector, there are plenty of other job opportunities whose sectors have significantly grown the need of professionals in the last years. Here are the fastest growing jobs in U.S:

  1. Nurses

As you have probably guessed, registered nurses hold the first place with an average job availability of 300,000 per month. U.S, just like some other powerful countries, is suffering healthcare crisis and is in desperate need of qualified people to fill the opened job positions. Did you know that more than 60% of all current nurses are expected to retire in the next three to four years?

  1. Software developers and IT specialists

Even though you might think that software engineers are more than enough, the truth is, US companies are suffering the need of these experts. The main issue related to this work force is the fact that they tend to be a little too unstable on their work. According to some studies and surveys, almost 70% of them admitted to have moved to another city to get a new, higher paying job, or that would definitely do it in the future. This fact increases the possibility to leave many areas in desperate need of these engineers and decide to offer these positions a higher paying job just to come and work for them. So, taking this into consideration might be a clever thing to do….

  1. Sales and marketing manager

With significant large number of new companies opened each year, is not a big surprise why U.S marked is can’t get enough of sales experts. They supposed to take in their hands the company name and spread it on client’s ears as in a best way as it can be. So, no wonder why every-sized companies like to trust this part on professionals.

  1. Physician

When talking about “physician” almost all kind of doctors are included. Starting from dermatologists and finishing with podiatrists, they do not only make a fortune but they do own a great reputation wherever they work. Being one of the most difficult faculties to be followed which requires patience and years spent on trainings, has made U.S students to not think in investing on this field so much. That is why U.S marked is thriving physicians from all over the world.

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