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Top 5 U.S immigration facts you didn’t know

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Everyone knows that United States is the country of immigrants. No one doubts it. Being one of the world’s superpower, contributes immigrants have constantly given in the country’s development and progress are essential. Despite many misconceptions about the nature of many facts and figures of legible and non-illegible immigrants living in U.S, there are some truths no one can ever put into a discussion. Here are some of the most interesting facts you have probably never heart before about immigrants in the United States:

  1. California it’s the U.S state with the highest number of immigrants currently living there. It is calculated that this number is almost 10 million immigrants. This based on approved statistics. Over 26% of the total number of immigrants in U.S lives in California.
  2. Over 25% of all 25 year old immigrants own a bachelor’s degree. The same numbers of 25 years old non-immigrants who 75% of them still don’t own a degree. The difference between immigrants and non-immigrants at this age is that almost 30% of immigrants don’t have even a high school degree compared with only 11% of the non-immigrants.
  3. Most of the best, powerful and talented entrepreneurs are immigrants. All immigrants’ business contributes surpass  165 billion a yes in tax revenue!
  4. Between the years 2010-2013 more than 71% of all immigrants came from Asia.
  5. Currently, there are 5 states who have become minority-majority. This means that less than 50% of their total population belongs to the non-immigrants category. All the other ones, are minorities combined together creating more than half of the population.

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