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Top 3 skills that can land you a job in the US in 2017

If you are planning to start a new job in the United States in 2017, you need to have the skills most sought by employers. You should master those skills if you want to land an attractive and promising job in the US.

So, what are the top skills that can help you get your dream job and earn more money in 2017 and beyond? Well, LinkedIn lately analyzed the hiring recorded on its website by the end of 2016 to pinpoint the most demanded skills in the US. Based on its findings, LinkedIn issued a list of the most sought-after skills in the US for 2017. Below, I have explained the top 3 of those skills.

1.Data science and cloud computing

Cloud computing tops the list of the most demanded skills in the US for 2017. It has secured its position at the top for the third consecutive year now and is expected to secure its position for the next few years. Data mining and statistical analysis follow cloud computing very closely on the list. The demand for these skills is at a record high in the US because they are progressive technologies. Employers are looking for people with data and cloud computing skills and are ready to offer them attractive salaries and benefits.

2.User interface design

User interface design is yet another skill that is hot and most sought by US companies right now. This skill basically deals with the designing of the portions of products and services that consumers interact with. This comes on the heels of data science. Since data is now an important part of many products and services, it has triggered the need for user interface design skills to make the products and services user-friendly. Companies in the US are increasingly looking for people with user interface design skills.

3. Storage systems and management

The demand for storage systems and management skills is already high and is expected to witness a steady rise by the end of 2017 and start of 2018. Storage systems and management is a hot area that primarily covers designing, developing, and managing the software for storage networks and devices. If you desire to get an exciting and lucrative job in the US in 2017 and beyond, you should consider learning this skill.

The highest-paying jobs in US for college students

If you’re just a college student, with no job experience and in need for money, then don’t worry. If you really want to find a job that will not necessarily consume much from your time and it can still secure you enough income to pay your expenses, then, the list we’ve brought for you today, will definitely help you get to know some of the highest paying part-time jobs for college students.

Social media assistant/manager

Social media manager

Pay: Up to $25 an hour

Short job description: Social media managers or assistants usually work part time and they manage different social media channels and also, assist companies with the marketing content.

Content editor

Pay: Up to $42 an hour

Short job description: Content editors are the ones to ensure accurate grammar, spelling, expressions, and quick turnaround with high volumes of content to edit.


Pay: Up to $55 an hour

Short job description: People who work as writers can work as normal employees or from home. They must own some excellent writing skills and also be able to work under strict deadlines.  A normal writer will usually be responsible for creating specific and focused content in different subject areas.

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