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Top 3 hot jobs in America right now


Having a career in something that will pay you off in the future. It is more like planning your holidays and all the things that you want to do during your trip. Changes take place at lightning speed in America, making many jobs obsolete. At the same time, the changes lead to the creation of other jobs. Here are the top 10 hot jobs in America right now.

Fitness trainer

The desire to stay fit and healthy would never get old. Being a fitness trainer is a hot job right now. To be a fitness trainer, you may be required to have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Also, you would need an on-job training and certification test from an issuing authority in your state. Fitness trainers make more than $38,000 per year.

Occupational therapist assistant

A career in healthcare will always be promising. As such, the job of occupational therapist assistant is hot in the US right now. As an occupational therapist assistant, you will find yourself working with licensed therapists and create therapy plans for patients, helping them recover from their injuries and traumas.

To work in this position, you need to get an associate degree via a certified allied health program. Some states have a requirement of a license for people who want to work in this position. As an occupational therapist assistant, you can earn around $56,000 per year.

Personal financial advisor

If you love to play with numbers and are good at math and finance, you might make a good career as a personal financial advisor in the US. These people help their clients to manage their money and help them develop long-term financial plans. To qualify for this position, you need a master or a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a similar discipline. Personal financial advisors make more than $90,000 per year.

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