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Top 3 benefits of being a US citizen

There are many benefits US citizens enjoy that are not accessible to the nationals of many other countries. This is the reason why the United States is the first priority of potential immigrants. The US constitution and laws regulate and take care of the rights of people living in the US. Here are the top 3 benefits of being a US citizen:

1. Cost of living and quality of life

Once you become a US citizen, it is affordable to maintain your citizenship. There are many states and cities in the US that are relatively less expensive. Housing, food, transportation, healthcare, education, gas, and entertainment are affordable in most states. Besides having a lower cost of living, the US offers you a quality of life that is matched by only a few countries. US citizens enjoy these benefits for a lifetime.

2. Priority service

US citizens get better treatment and more pampering when traveling to other countries and immigrating their family members into the US. US citizens get priority over permanent residents during these events. Moreover, if a child is born to a US citizen abroad, he/she gets US citizenship at birth. Permanent residents do not enjoy this benefit. Furthermore, a US passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. You can travel to many countries on a US passport without any difficulty. When overseas, a US citizen can ask the US government for assistance when in difficulty.

3. Confidence

US citizens are less likely to get arrested than permanent residents. When arrested, there is a risk a permanent resident will lose his/her status. If it is a severe crime, a permanent resident will be deported. US citizenship is for a lifetime. It cannot be canceled unless you have been convicted of committing a serious crime against the state. Thus, a US citizen is always more confident about his/her status than a permanent resident.

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