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Top 10 highest-paying non-desk jobs in the US

ID-100284565Some of the most highest-paying jobs in the U.S. don’t include working at a desk, according to an analysis provided by Economic Modeling Specialists International. Most of them are in the medical and health care sector, but there are also professions for those who don’t have a medical degree.
Any of these ten professions are worth considering if you are not keen on the idea of working in a cubicle.

1. Anesthesiologists have an hourly average pay of $92.41. It’s the top profession in the U.S. at the moment, but you will need a medical degree and consistent work background in order to make this amount of money.
2. Surgeons and oral and maxillo-facial surgeons also make above $90 per hour. In addition to a medical degree, this profession requires high skills and a lot of work.
3. Nurse midwives are in charge of following the birthing process and making sure that everything goes smoothly for the future mother and her child. They earn a median hourly pay of $44.37.
4. Veterinarians earn on average $41.66 per hour. It’s the perfect job for those who love animals.
5. If you don’t like working at a desk and you don’t have a university diploma, you might consider becoming an elevator installer and repairer. It pays on average $37.81 per hour and it involves assembling, installing, repairing or maintaining elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters.
6. Occupational therapists have a median hourly pay of $36.99. Their job consists in organizing rehabilitative programs for people with different physical, mental or behavioral problems.
7. Speech-language pathologists work with people who are facing speech, language, voice or fluency difficulties. They make on average $34.04 per hour.
8. For farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers, the median hourly pay is $33.71. Working in a farm involves a large amount of different operations, but does not require a degree in most cases.
9. Seafarers earn on average $33.62 per hour, but this income depends on their position on the ship. There are captains, mates, pilots, and ship engineers, each of them responsible for a specific operation. Working on a vessel requires a license issued by the U.S. Coast Guard.
10. Producers and directors are responsible for the creative decisions in audio and video productions. They make on average $33.40 per hour and surely have a lot of fun at work.

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