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Tips to dress for work

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No matter how annoying it is to know, the fact is that people judge us on the basis of our appearance. When at work, your coworkers will judge you on the basis of your dressing. If you need to succeed at work, you must reflect on your dressing as well.

1. Do not take the sexy employee typecast seriously

Hollywood often depicts employees who climb the corporate ladder on the basis of their sexy appearance. In real life, this can upset your career. Avoid wearing short skirts, low necklines, and high heels. Instead, you should dress professionally, so people should speak to you, instead of staring at your dress and body.

2. Choose appropriate footwear

Wearing spiky heels can make you feel uncomfortable at work. It will not only create exhaustion, but also create discomforts like ankle, knee, hips, and back pain. Instead of high heels, wear comfortable and professional looking shoes that should keep you comfortable at work.

3. Dress neatly and according to the season

You must make sure your dress is neat and conforms to the present weather. Inside the office, the AC may be too high or too low, which is why the experts’ advise wearing in layers. Also, take into account the company’s dress code and culture when picking your workplace wardrobe. Follow the guidelines, so you are taken seriously at work. If the company culture is too conservative, you should dress formally.

4. Wear deep, dark colors

Majority workplaces are conservative in nature. Whether you are a man or woman, wearing deep, dark colors will make you look highly professional and classy. Mean can also wear black, navy, and gray colors, whereas women should focus on deep dark colors. Of course, girls can give their attire a touch-up by adding vivid accessories.

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