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Things to do in New Year’s Eve in New York

New York Fireworks

If you live in New York, or just plan to celebrate the last day of the year in this big city, you should know it can offer a tons of interesting and amazingly good things to do. The Times Square ball drop is considered to be the highlight of the night spent on New York’s streets. It’s an event which gathers every year millions of visitors to experience the year change live at the square. You can hardly find another city which celebrates New Year’s Eve the way NYC does.

But, since it’s considered to be the city that never sleeps, you cannot expect to view or participate only in the ball drop at Times Square. Millions of people travel across the country and not only, just to have the change and view this event live by coming really early and choosing the best spot to view the whole atmosphere and lights. The truth is, ball drop is not the only amazing thing you can do in NYC on New Year’s Eve. There exists plenty of interesting events you can choose to participate on. Just have a look at our list with the -top things to do, and we can assure you won’t regret for choosing not to be under the dropping ball.

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