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The top US real estate markets

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The US real estate sector is witnessing varied degrees of changes. Some states and cities are experiencing decent growth, while others are witnessing a regression. Below are the top US real estate markets right now.

1. Nashville

Nashville tops the list of the most attractive US real estate markets of 2017. According to statistics, real estate in this city is all set to achieve at least 4.3 percent appreciation. Nashville has a robust and growing healthcare sector that is employing a large number of people. In fact, it is the city’s main driving force that is a source of income to many people. Young professionals are particularly attracted to Nashville for the quality of life and opportunities the city has to offer.

2. Seattle

Seattle is one of the most expensive cities in the US, and it is all set to become more expensive in future. The price of real estate is estimated to witness a 5.6 percent growth. This means that if you have a home in Seattle, it will appreciate by several thousands of dollars. In case you have no property in Seattle, consider buying one as soon as possible. You will reap the benefits in the years to come. This city is home to large technology companies like Amazon that employs thousands of people in Seattle.

3. Provo

Provo is all set to see a rise of at least 4.3 percent in its real estate market by the end of this year. This city offers great employment opportunities. It is home to large enterprises like Novell. People in Provo witness an increase of one percent in their yearly income. Unemployment stands at 2.7 percent.

4. Orlando

Orlando is one of the major US cities and home to Walt Disney World. It is popular as the best destinations for tourists in the US. Real estate prices are projected to rise by at least 5.7 percent this year in Orlando. Income in Orlando is increasing by 2 percent per year, whereas the joblessness rate is 4.5 percent.

5. Salt Lake City

The good news for property owners in the Salt Lake City is that their properties will appreciate by 4.3 percent by the end of 2017. The University of Utah, which is a popular educational destination, is situated in the Salt Lake City. Marriot and Delta Air Lines mostly employ the graduates of this university. Also, Salt Lake City is an attractive start-up destination, attracting tech professionals and entrepreneurs from across the world.

6. Portland

Portland is yet another US city that offers greater employment opportunities and higher income to the people here. As such, people from across the US and the world have flood Portland, which has led to a surge in real estate price. Homeowners in Portland can expect their properties to appreciate by 5.2 percent by the end of this year. This city is famous for its beautiful parks and restaurants.

7. Knoxville

Knoxville is the third largest city in Tennessee. According to estimates, the real estate sector of this city is all set to experience a decent appreciation. If you have a home in Knoxville, you can expect its price to rise by 4.4 percent by the end of 2017. This city is famous for its rich culture and arts, besides being a hot destination for outdoor devotees. It is located near the Smoky Mountains, which has turned it into a popular tourist spot as well.

8. Ogden

Ogden is projected to experience a rise of 4.7 percent in the prices of real estate properties. This city is situated near the Salt Lake City and is famous for skiing, trekking, and other outdoors. It is considered to be the best town in the United States.

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