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The best states for immigrants in the US


The major concerns of immigrants in the US include sustained residency, personal and family security, income, education, housing, and healthcare. Different states in the US address these concerns in different ways. Some states have high population of immigrants, which means immigrants will find those states friendly and easy for assimilation. Below are the best states for immigrants in the US:

1. California

 California ranks at the top when it comes to the best states for immigrants. Immigrants can earn between $50,000 to $67,000 per year in California. It is important to note here that the California State Senate passed a law that enhanced the safety and security of immigrants. The state has restricted the communication between law enforcers and immigration authorities. As such, California has achieved the status of a safe sanctuary for immigrants.

2. Alaska

While the population of immigrants in Alaska is not very high, the existing immigrants in this state enjoy a lot of privileges. It is considered one of the top immigrant-friendly states in the US. Immigrants earn $60,000 – $74,000 in Alaska per year on average. Unemployment is very low among the immigrants and the community is very open to people from diverse backgrounds.

3. West Virginia

 Immigrants in West Virginia report feeling safer and getting access to more and better opportunities in the state. Immigrants in this state earn more income than natives of the state. The employment rate is very low among the immigrants. Education and healthcare are affordable in West Virginia, besides the society being diverse. On average, immigrants earn $40,000 to $47,000 in West Virginia.

4. New York

More than 23 percent of New York’s population comprises immigrants. Green cards are issued to more immigrants in New York than any other state. The average income for immigrants in this state is between $50,000 to $60,000 per annum. Immigrants earn somewhat lower than natives in New York; however, the cost of living is lower in light of the quality of life.

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