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The Best Neighborhoods in the U.S.


Living well is more than just finding a place to buy or rent. It is about choosing a neighborhood that matches your idea of perfect living.

Trulia, a real-estate website, recently published a list of the best neighborhoods in the US after taking into account several factors such as availability of open spaces to play, low levels of traffic on the streets, presence of essentials like hospitals, pharmacies and day care centers and lowest incidence of crime. Based on these factors, the following neighborhoods of small cities were chosen as the best places to live.

1) Locust Grove in Charlottesville, Virginia

2) Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

3) Riviera-Westchester in Bakersville, California

4) Burns Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan

5) Campus Farm in Tucson, Arizona.

Next, Trulia evaluated the neighborhoods in mid-size cities based on the same factors, and the rankings are:

1) Outer Sunset in San Francisco, California

2) West Riverside in New Orleans, Louisiana

3) Crestview in Austin, Texas

4) Driftwood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5) Riverwest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As for the best neighborhoods in large cities, most of it is located in Southern California. After evaluating hundreds of neighborhoods on the above-mentioned factors, the winners are:

1) Ocean Beach in San Diego, California

2) Plaza in Los Angeles, California

3) Sunpark in Los Angeles, California

4) Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California

5) Sunset Hill in Seattle, Washington.

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