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Top 7 Best Computer science universities in USA

    Have you ever thought studying computer science in the United States? Did you know that this country has a solid presence in all of the international University Rankings? American computer science universities are the source of new talented employees for the biggest technology Companies. Part of this elite, like ...

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Everything you need to know about P1 visa

P1 visa

In order to qualify for the P1 visa, an applicant must be recognized internationally and plan to enter the United States to compete at e specific event. The applicant must either be an internationally recognized athlete or entertainer. He must also have a significant international recognition either as a person ...

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3 Common Reasons For Green Card Application Denial

There are many reasons for denial of a Green Card application. In this article I’ll try to briefly review three common reasons, and how to avoid them. Please keep in mind, however, that I am not a lawyer, and this information should NOT be considered as a legal advice. 1. Basic Eligibility ...

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