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USCIS finally reaches CW-1 Cap for 2018 Fiscal Year

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May 25th was the day when USCIS received the sufficient number of petitions and reached the maximum possible numerical limit (the “cap”) of workers who have the possibility to get CNMI-Only Transitional Worker (CW-1) visas or even otherwise provided with CW-1 status for the fiscal year (FY) 2018. The truth ...

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The H-1B visa applications hit cap in just 4 days

It is a known fact that USCIS is experiencing an overwhelming demand for H-1B visas again. Back on Friday, U.S citizenship and Immigration Services declared that it has now officially reached its congressionally managed threshold of around 85,000 visas for this new fiscal year. This news comes just 5 days ...

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Court dismisses H-1B US Visa Immigration Case

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A federal court has recently thrown out a lawsuit against the US lottery system that issued to decide who should and shouldn’t get H-1B US visas. This is a form of visa particularly preferable to professionals and especially IT companies located overseas. Mostly in India. According to the Oregon federal ...

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