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The top US real estate markets

The US real estate sector is witnessing varied degrees of changes. Some states and cities are experiencing decent growth, while others are witnessing a regression. Below are the top US real estate markets right now. 1. Nashville Nashville tops the list of the most attractive US real estate markets of ...

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Things to look for when buying a house in the US

Buying a house in the US can be a daunting task for many people. It requires planning, research, and effort. Besides, it involves stress and excitement. I have explained below a few important things you must look for when buying a house in the US. 1. Roof quality and condition ...

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The H-1B visa applications hit cap in just 4 days

It is a known fact that USCIS is experiencing an overwhelming demand for H-1B visas again. Back on Friday, U.S citizenship and Immigration Services declared that it has now officially reached its congressionally managed threshold of around 85,000 visas for this new fiscal year. This news comes just 5 days ...

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Three fastest growing businesses in U.S

Before making an investment, entrepreneurs have to make a detailed analysis and see what are the market perspectives and what do people really care about. Then, after knowing on what to invest, the maximum return is expected. But, despite this case, some of you might just want to build a ...

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Six Tips for Intelligently Investing in The U.S.

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate in the U.S.? Here are  some great tips for you to help you make the first step toward a wise investment in the U.S. 1. Never invest in a property without checking the area around it. There are plenty of websites and places ...

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