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Why is renewal of the Green Card important

Foreign citizens who become a permanent resident of the United States get Green Card, which is a photo ID card that shows that you have a legal permanent resident status in the US. While your permanent resident status does not carry an expiry date, the Green Card does come with ...

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What happens after filing the form I-130

The Form I-130 is used to help a relative get a family-based green card in the United States. After filing the form, the USCIS will send you the Form I-797, which establishes that your application has been received. Whether your application gets approved or denied, the USCIS will notify you ...

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Applying for green card through marriage

Marriage and US citizenship are two closely related matters. If your spouse is a US citizen or permanent resident, he/she can sponsor you to immigrate to enter the United States lawfully. Your spouse can even help you get a green card. If your spouse is a US citizen, you may ...

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