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Unite States is Sued by different Civil Liberties Groups

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Yesterday, the Civil liberties groups announced that they are intending to file different lawsuits against the United States government. These lawsuits will be related to how the travel ban signed into existence through executive order by President Donald Trump is now being enforced by all federal agencies. Lawsuits were filled ...

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Asylum Seekers decision is left intact by the US Court

The US Supreme Court reopened a heated debate on the issue of illegal immigration back on Monday. It declined the Central American women and children seeking asylum in the US appeal that wanted clarification of the constitutional rights of immigrants that are prioritized for deportation by the United States government ...

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US unemployment rate drops to 4.5 percent!

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Even though the US job growth slowed in March despite many continued layoffs in the embattled retail sector, a drop in the unemployment rate to a near 4.5 percent, indicated that the labor market strength remained intact. According to the Labor Department, the nonfarm payrolls increased by almost 98,000 jobs ...

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LA Mayor admits he will not Cooperate with the Immigration Officials

All undocumented immigrants consider LA to be a safe place for them. Especially since Eric Garcetti, the city’s Mayor, issued a new executive order that cements the previous status and defies President Donald Trump’s order that indicates the remove of  so-called ‘sanctuary city’ policies. According to William La Jeunesse from ...

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