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Signs the USCIS may reject your immigration application

The USCIS will do everything possible to make sure that only genuine and honest applicants are granted immigration to the US. What this means is that the authority will analyze your application against many red flags and requirements. Below are the signs the USCIS may deny you immigration to the US.

Your health

The applicant is required to get a medical exam from a doctor approved by the US government for specific immigration applications. If the applicant fails to submit documents of the required health exams and vaccinations, the chance that your application will be rejected will increase. There are also certain medical complications that might lead to the denial of your application because such health problems may make you dependent on the US government’s financial support.


If the US government finds that you are associated with activities that threaten US security, your application will be rejected. For example, terrorist activities or being part of a totalitarian party like Nazi will have the USCIS reject your application outrightly.

Immigration violations and failure to attend immigration appointments

In case you have arrived in the US illegally or have violated the conditions placed on your visa, your application for immigration may be denied. Also, if you fail to attend immigration appointments or fail to rearrange your appointment, your application will be rejected.

Mistakes on the Green card application

If you are applying for Green Card, be sure to read the instructions on the application form thoroughly. Errors on the application form will lead to the denial of your application. The common mistakes include:

–  Failure to provide complete information

–  Failure to provide a translation of the supporting documents that are written in languages other than English

–  Inability to put your sign in all signature lines in the application package

–  Providing inaccurate or inconsistent information

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