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More US schools create welcome programs for immigrants

Happy multiethnic students at the geography lessonAccording to the U.S. Department of Education, foreign-born students make up 6 percent of the total public school population, not counting private elementary schools, gymnasiums, high schools and universities. Thus it is necessary for schools and teachers to learn to adapt their programs in order to meet the newcomers’ needs.

Schools are sites for integrations and many students are still learning English when they enroll. Two decades ago, newcomer programs were focusing mainly of the language issue, but nowadays they concentrate more on the transition process, both for the children and their parents. There isn’t a clear statistic regarding the total number of newcomer programs that are being run in the U.S., but the regulations under the new Every Student Succeeds Act, passed last year, encourages schools to develop more such programs.

In Aurora, for instance, a home rule municipality in Colorado and a 39,000-student school district with students from 131 countries, the staff from the Aurora Welcome Center has started creating individual profiles for students, including educational and personal backgrounds. This information will help teachers and school counselors to create programs to help their foreign-born students integrate better and faster in the local community.

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