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Marathon Petroleum is America’s Best Employer of 2016

Best Employer placard with bokeh backgroundIncreasing demand for skilled workers and a growing American economy reflects the massive hiring that is taking place from coast to coast. There is intense competition among companies to hire the best workers, and this has put employees right in the driver’s seat. They have more choices than ever before, and pick only those companies that offer the right work ethics and growth opportunities.

In the light of this background, Forbes and online statistics company Statista came together to ask 30,000 workers to rate their company on a scale of one to ten, and their opinion on the best company to work for. This survey spanned 500 companies across 25 different categories, and the results showed some interesting trends.

Marathon Petroleum tops the best employers for this year, followed by Google, Costco and Wegman’s Food Markets. The survey showed that maintaining the highest management standards and creating a friendly corporate culture have been the reasons for the emergence of Marathon Petroleum as the best company this year. This 45,000-strong company based in Ohio has introduced many aspects such as employee health and wellness, and technology into their operational strategy, and this has taken them to the top.

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