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Many Haitian Immigrant are settling in Mexico

Donald Trump

Hundreds of immigrants including children claim to have been left stranded in Mexico. This has happened after President’s Donald Trump latest announcement of changes to many United States immigration policies.

These Haitian nationals began arriving on the Southwest Border during early 2016. They were hoping to be able to cross over into the United States.

According to the statistics of U.S Customs and Border Protection, show that the agency has seen a significantly rise of immigrant’s number with no legal U.S status arriving to border crossings.

During 2016, around 6240 undocumented immigrants from the island nation arrived at ports of entry on the border during. This is number is a drastic increase specially when compared to the figures for the previous fiscal year. A further 8275 Haitian immigrants were reported as arriving at such ports of entry by officials in the three months between the beginning of October and the end of December last year.

Last fall, the Obama administrations was the one to admit that the deportation of undocumented Haitian immigrants would be resumed following a six-year suspension, which had been instituted following the Haitian earthquake in 2010. But, since that announcement, Haitian immigrants say that deportations have rapidly increased.

With the latest developments and the number of deportations, many immigrants had decided to temporarily remain in Mexico. They are hoping that the situation would change with the arrival of a new administration. But they have now given up since the new immigration policies of the US were announced back in January by President Donald Trump.

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