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Ideas for immigrants to save more money in the US

We all love to save money, but when people from other countries come to the USA, they don’t know much about how people do things here. Immigrants learn things from Americans and one of the most important things you must do, as an immigrant in the USA, is to learn how to save money. Here are some ideas for immigrants to save money in America:

Discounted gift cards

You can get gift cards of many stores at lower prices on different websites and mobile apps. The best thing about discounted gift cards is that they can save you as high as 25 to 45 percent on things you buy, especially in cloth shops and restaurants.

Coupon codes

Your priority must be to buy things during the sale period. However, whenever you shop in-store or on the Internet, be sure to use coupon codes before checking out. By doing so regularly, you can save more money.

Online rebates

If more of your shopping happens on the Internet, you can save money by using online rebates. When you avail the rebate option, you can save about 2-8 percent on your shopping. The good news is that discounts are available on travel deals and hotels as well.

Store credit cards

Many retail outlets in the US issue their credit cards and offer a discount on the card from time to time. You can get more discount and better deals by using that card at the designated shop. For example, Target offers its very own Target red card to customers. You can get a five percent discount on everything you buy at Target by using the card.

Loyalty cards

Many retailers also provide loyalty cards to loyal customers. By using the loyalty card, you can get points on your account every time you shop at the store. After the points reach a certain threshold, you can then either get cash from the store or use the points to buy things for free.

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