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How to sponsor a caregiver to immigrate to the US?


Most people in the United States depend on caregivers for the children or the elderly in their homes. Since there is a shortage of caregivers in the country, most people are now turning outside the US for possible caregivers. Here are your options to bring a caregiver from abroad:

J-1 visa for caregivers

This visa is beneficial if you don’t want a caregiver from a particular country of your choice. Through this visa, you will be given a caregiver through the AU pair program. With the J-1 visa for caregivers, you, as the host, do not have to sponsor the caregiver. Instead, the task is done by the company that is responsible for screening and selecting both the family and the caregiver. All au pairs are secondary school graduates and are given training in child development. A representative usually interviews them. The au pairs can stay in the US for 12 months only; however, they have the option to extend the visa for another 6, 9 or 12 months.

H-2B visa for caregivers

With this visa, the family has the right to sponsor the caregiver directly. The process is relatively lengthy and complicated. The family sponsoring the caregiver has to provide evidence that there are not enough caregivers in the US. The family should also show that they are in dire need of the services of the caregiver and that they are in the US only on a temporary basis.

Every family has their own set of needs and requirements. At times, you have a disabled member or an elderly at home who requires attention and care. It is helpful at such times to hire a caregiver to look after them. If you don’t know how to sponsor a caregiver to immigrate to the US, you may consider using the services of an immigration expert.

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