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How to legally earn money in the US without a work visa

Do you know that there are certain ways to earn money in the US even if you don’t have a work visa? The good news is that there are many legal and smart methods to make money even on the most restrictive visa in the US. Here are some of those methods and tricks:

Stock investment

You can invest in stocks in the US and make legal money without having a work visa. However, you must not exceed making four trades a week. This method is best for you if you are experienced in this field. You can even practice stock trading on certain websites. Once you are confident about your skills and experience, you can start trading stocks on websites, such as

Lend money

If you have money and want to get interest on it to raise your income, you can legally lend money to other people who want to start a business in the US. You can use websites like to give loans to borrowers and earn interest on the loan.

Invest in a business

If you have some money, you can invest it in a business and raise your income. However, you would not be actively working for the business. For example, you can invest in a friend’s store or restaurant and get some share of the business’s monthly profit. However, you cannot play a role in running the business. You would be a passive partner.

Enter competitions

Competitions like lottery money fall under the passive income category, which you can legally avail without having a work visa in the US. As long as you don’t violate any law or enter a competition where foreigners are not allowed, you can win a huge prize if your luck works.

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