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How to get rich in the US without a college degree

America is called the land of opportunities because it has something for everyone to boost their income. If you don’t have a college degree and want to get rich, it is still possible in the US. Here’s how you can get rich:

Start a service business

A service business doesn’t involve more investment and is quite easy to start in the US. It does not come with an overhead cost, and you don’t require many contacts to kick off your business. You just need a skill to start a service business. In other words, you would be selling your skills. For example, if you are skilled in web designing, coding, or content writing, you can easily start your business.

Real estate investment

If you have enough money, you can enter the real estate investment business. You can either buy real estate and either rent it out or sell it at a markup in future. If you have experience in this niche and have the capital, you are good to start. If not, you should consider working with an experienced real estate developer.

Consulting services

You can also get rich by starting a consulting business. However, you should think beyond offering to teach a course to people in the corporate world. Instead of being a teacher or trainer, you should develop your brand as a consultant. By doing so, you would get paid for providing advice on a wide range of subjects like management and accounts.

Become a subject matter expert

Subject matter experts are in huge demand in the US. SMEs have specialized knowledge and skills in specific areas. For example, you can be an SME for training courses or content accuracy. If you have experience in the vocational field, you just need to network with the right people to offer your service. Also, textbook publishers need SMEs in different subject areas.

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