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How does the U.S Diversity Visa Program works?

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Did you know that each year over 55, 000 visas are randomly distributed to people from different countries?  All of these places are the ones to have sent less than 50, 000 people to United Stated the last 5 year.  That is why the Diversity Visa Program was created. It is a dedicated program which aims to give people from countries with a significant low rate of immigrants to U.S, a chance.

Diversity Visa has for many years been the only official possibility for many people from all around the world to secure their own green card. Did you know that originally, this Visa’s intention was to favor and create possibilities for Irish immigrants only? Over 40% of all visas available, the first three years was exclusively allocated to immigrants form Ireland. Now, it covers countries form all over the world, especially from Africa and Eastern Europe.

What makes you eligible for a Diversity Visa?

The first thing a person should have in order to apply for the Diversity Visa Program is to at least have finished high school. Or who has a minimum of two years of working experience in a profession which requires that much time to make that person qualified for the job. This job experience must have been active within the past 5 years.  That person should also declare his spouse and children credentials (if exist).

The winners of the Diversity Visa Program are randomly selected by a computer-generated drawing.

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