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How can you get Green Card for your parents?

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US citizens can help their parents get Green Cards in the United States. A key requirement for you to get Green Card for your parents is that you must have a minimum age of 21 years. You can file a petition under the family preference category to get US permanent residency for your parents.

Parents of US citizens are categorized as immediate relatives. For this reason, the Green Card applicant is not required to wait until the availability of the immigrant visa number. Furthermore, there is no annual limit on the number of people who would be allowed to immigrate to the US under the family preference category.

If you meet the eligibility requirements to petition for your parents, you can start the application process by filing Form I-130. If you want to get Green Cards for both of your parents, you must file two separate applications. After approval of the form I-130 by the USCIS, it will be sent to the US consulate or embassy in the country where your parents are living.

The consulate or embassy will then get in touch with your parents and guide them on how to apply for the immigrant visa. The authorities will also instruct them about the documents that need to be submitted and how the application has to be submitted. Your parents will then submit their applications and documents to the embassy or consulate, which will then call your parents for the visa interview. If the applications have any errors or lack information, the embassy or consulate will ask your parents to correct the errors or provide the missing information.

During the interview, the immigration officers will ask your parents some questions and decide whether to provide your parents with a permanent residency in the US. If the interview is successful, your parents will get their visas and can travel to the US with the visas as the proofs of permanent residency.

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