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Form I-140: Individuals of Extraordinary Ability Application Guide

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Form I-140 is an application package available for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability.

This extraordinary ability category is especially reserved for the part of immigrants that have extraordinary ability in different fields such as sciences, arts, business, education, or athletics.  These abilities should have been demonstrated in “sustained national or international acclaim” and the candidates should be recognized in the field through additional documentation. Even though this form applies only to a small percentage of immigrants that should have risen to the very top of their specific field, this is another possible way to become a permanent US citizen.

If you have already received a big internationally recognized award such as for example a Nobel Prize, then, you automatically qualify for this extraordinary ability category.

Another good news is that, when applying for green card under this category you and also, you don’t need any Labor Certification, which is something needed in most other green card through employment categories.

The first, most essential requirement for you to apply under the extraordinary ability category is enough proof of your extraordinary achievement. Some of the most common examples of such recognition are the Nobel Prize, Academy awards, the Pulitzer, Olympic medals, etc.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible that everyone having an extraordinary ability is a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize winner. There are many other possible ways to prove that you qualify for a green card through extraordinary ability.

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