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Five U.S. passport facts you didn’t know


When talking about obtaining an US passport, the first thing that comes to mind, is the struggle that millions of people face every day when fighting to own their own. Obtaining the world’s most powerful country’s passport might be a huge deal and definitely something worth fighting for!  But let’s focus on the main reason of this article. We’ve gathered for you some interesting facts about this valuable and much-desirable piece of document that you’ve probably never heard before:

  • You cannot wear a uniform when taking your U.S. passport photo. Despite your job occupation or other personal reasons. This rule excludes religious outfits which are not considered.
  • There are four different US passport colors. It dictates your status with the American government. For example: maroon color passports are given only to military personnel working overseas for the government. Black ones show that the person owning it is a diplomat. Blue ones are the colors indicating a normal status of every American citizen and also, a green passport exists which indicates to have been created for a commemorative edition for celebrating the 200th anniversary of United States Consular Service.
  • You do not have to obtain a passport to go overseas if you’re an US citizen. But, when coming back, you will definitely need to have the passport with you; otherwise, you can’t enter the U.S.
  • U.S. passport is the most powerful passport a person can have today. It gives you access to 147 countries.
  • Almost 40% of Americans have never left their country. Their passport is without a single stamp. This fact is confirmed by the Department of State.

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