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Factors that influence home buying

Your home reflects your disposition, tastes, preferences, and ideals. Each individual has some unique characteristics that influence the decision making process when it comes to buying things, especially a home. Below are the common factors that influence home buying.

Gender influences

If you are a man and buying a home, you would be more focused on the exterior maintenance. This happens because men tend to spend more time than women taking care of the garden, backyard, and lawn.

On the other hand, women tend to focus on the interior structures, design, and decoration of a home. They want to make sure there is enough space for appliances. They are particularly sensitive to the bathroom and bedroom. Furthermore, women are more concerned than men when it comes to the financial facet of a home buying. Safety and schools in the areas are additional factors they take into account when buying a home.

Parental preferences

If you are a parent, chances are you already know how parenthood affects a home buying decision. Parents want a home to be kid-friendly. They avoid anything that might be unsafe for their children in a home. Furthermore, they make sure there are schools and children’s recreational facilities in the vicinity of their prospective home.

Parents also take into account the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home. They need to be certain the new home can accommodate them as their family grows. Fencing and the need for privacy are other important factors parents take into account when buying a home.

Phones and homes

While it may seem surprising, there is a close linkage between mobile phones and home buying. Studies indicate that people who have iPhones tend to pay greater emphasis on homes that have swimming pools. Furthermore, they also prefer homes that come with high-end, beautifully designed, and high-tech appliances. iPhone users prefer to buy a home that is aesthetically appealing and unmatched in function.

On the other hand, people who use Android-based phones tend to emphasize relatively lesser on quality and more on the price and resale value of a home. Moreover, they look for homes that are children-friendly and have educational and recreational facilities in the surrounding.

Influence of pets

If a homebuyer has pets, the buying process is likely going to be sophisticated. Just like homebuyers want a home to be kid-friendly, they also want it to be pet-friendly. If you have a dog and are looking for a new home, that furry friend of yours would influence your buying behavior. You need to make sure the pet feels comfortable and relaxed at the new home.

Pet owners look for the areas in the vicinity of their prospective home, besides making sure there are fences to contain the pet. They also want to make sure people in the neighborhood are pet-friendly. Studies also indicate that people who own dogs are also concerned about the quality of education at the schools in the surrounding.

The owner’s persona

While it is true that homebuyers want to make sure the home they are buying is pets and children friendly, they also have their personal preferences. A home needs to be the homeowner’s ideal sanctuary, where he finds peace and solace.

Also, they have their innate artistic tastes and preferences and they want to make sure the home’s interior and exterior reflect those tastes. For example, if a homeowner is a foodie, he would give immense importance to the functions and design of the kitchen.

If the homeowner is an early bird, he may emphasize on patios and the overall aesthetic characteristics of the neighborhood. On the other, those who stay up late at night prefer to have a deck or backyard in the home, where they can do things like BBQ and spend pleasant times.

Studies indicate that people who have materialistic tendencies often prefer homes that look aesthetically good and are located in posh localities. Those who are entertainment-oriented tend to buy homes located in the center of the district, whereas adventure seekers prefer homes in areas close to mountains and hills. It is also important to mention here that Mac users love pools and high-end appliances in a home.

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