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Everything you need to know about P1 visa

P1 visa

In order to qualify for the P1 visa, an applicant must be recognized internationally and plan to enter the United States to compete at e specific event.

The applicant must either be an internationally recognized athlete or entertainer. He must also have a significant international recognition either as a person or as part of a team.  The applicant must also be recognized in more than one country for a sustained period of time. Also, the applicant must have a US employer or agent to sponsor their trip to the US. Every P1 visa applicant must also submit certain health and character requirements before entering the US.

Entitlements of P1 visa

This visa entitles its holder to participate in an event located in the United States. Usually the P1 visa is granted to entertainers only for the duration of their specific event. It will not exceed 1 year.

However, on the other hand, individual athletes may be admitted for up to 5 years. When an athlete comes along with his team, usually the duration of the P1 visa doesn’t last for more than 1 year. All kinds of internationally known athletes or entertainers with a P1 visa are permitted dual intent. This means they can maintain P1 visa status while on the other hand, apply for a Green Card to remain in the United States permanently.

If the experience of the support personnel wishing to accompany P1 visa applicants is essential to the principal applicant’s performance, they can also apply for a P1 visa.

Spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age that want to accompany the principal applicant, may also apply for the applicable derivative visa (P4 visa) and join their spouse or parent in the United States.

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